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Learn about all mods i make for ARK Survival Evolved.

Get a ARK server

Get a ARK server for a cheap price and within minutes. With every purchase of a server you will support me as well.



– 10 Slots
– Simple, ARK-tuned webinterface
– Automatic Backups
– CrossArk-compatible/p

Only 10 €/ $13 per month

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– 16 Slots
– Simple, ARK-tuned webinterface
– Automatic Backups
– CrossArk-compatible

Only 13.00€ /$16.90 per month

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– 32 Slots
– Simple, ARK-tuned webinterface
– Automatic Backups
– CrossARK-compatible

Only 24.50€ / $31.85 per month

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– 10 to 200 players
– Simple, ARK-tuned webinterface
– Automatic Backups
– CrossARK-compatible
– Individual runtime

From only 10.00€ / $13.00 per month

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– Immediate access thanks to Nitrado’s prepay system. Instantly online
– No contract – no minimum terms
– Switch between many available services at any time
– Easy management of all services on a single account
– Full cost control through Nitrado’s prepay system

Game Servers:

– ESL Premium certified game servers
– Own IP with default port in the data center in Frankfurt, Germany
– World-wide 7 modern data centers available, for low pings across the whole world
– Game switching: The active game can be changed for free at any time
– Full access via RCON, FTP and Nitrado’s web interface
– MySQL database for free


– Immediate account charge via:

– Account charge via bank transfer (credit entry after 2-3 work days)

Web Interface:

– Easy configuration of all important settings via mouse click
– For experts also unrestricted access to all configuration files
– Upload files and mods uncomplicated and without additional software with the built-in File Browser
– Direct access to your MySQL database via phpMyAdmin
– Other users can be granted access to manage the server together


– High-quality, fail-sgm_fe server hardware instead of cheap desktop components
– Daily backup for game server files
– Fast 500 Gbit connection in Frankfurt am Main
– Direct Peerings with Deutsche Telekom, Unity Media/UPC, Telia Sonera, Tiscali and other big carriers
– Links to DE-CIX, AMS-IX and LINX for good pings around the world

Customer Service:

– Quick and competent support.
– Convenient support via email – free and in 9 languages
– Uncomplicated hotline in English and German, via Skype or landline at local phone rates
– Constantly growing Nitradopedia
– Community forums for exchange about questions and events

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