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The Volcano

The Volcano is my first mod map ever in my life. It’s the first touch with a game engine. I’m already working over 1 year on the map, the map content is almost to 100% in, but there is still a lost of work like optimization and rework of some parts of the map till the map is fully done. With The Volcano i did the first ARK mod map with all 5 biomes(Grassland, Snow, Redwood, Desert and Swamp) in and also the Scorched Earth weather system without the sgm_nd storm and the super heat. I’ve learned a lot during the work on the map, but i’m still learning and it’s still a nice challenge.

Feature list:

  • Map is about the size of the vanilla map
  • 5 different biomes (Snow, Desert, Redwood, Swamp and Grass/Jungle)
  • All dinos are in, incl. Scorched Earth Dinos
  • All resources are in, incl. Scorched Earth Resources
  • All Boss Arenas from The Island and SE
  • Wild dino babys (almost all land dinos but not on all spawn points and Argentavis and Pteradon have a nest for their baybs)
  • Big Trees in Snow and Jungle around the Volcano, for Tree Plattforms
  • You can learn all SE Engrams
  • All Explorer Notes
If you want to take a look and download the map, here is the link to my Steam Workshop page:

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